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Graphic Design & Advertising

The following links below will take you to the different sections that have samples of some of our work.

Brochure Samples

Logo / Branding Samples

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Miscellaneous Items


We at Graphic HQ are very proud of our work and are pleased to show you examples of projects for a variety of clients. They were all completed with the total satisfaction of the client. In turn they also received positive feedback from their customers, and all projects were successful in meeting their goals.

From the portfolio you also see the wide spectre of clients from different industries that we deal with and are expanding our client base continuously. Through our freelance work we undertake from other design and advertising houses we also work with other industries including, fashion, music and large retail, but as much of this is confidential we are are unable to promote these. But we hope the samples shown will give an indication to the high quality of our work.

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Thank you and pleasant viewing.


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