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Graphic Design & Advertising

The following links below will take you to the different sections that have samples of some of our work.

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The following pages are examples of some logo and branding work that we have undertaken. In logo design it is important that the design is unique and is represenative of the company and its goals. A logo not only has to look good but be able to reproduce well in a variety of situations - sizes and medias, such as print, web, and presentation materials.
The following are only a sample of our work, if you wish to know more or see the printed samples please contact us.
Schoolhouse Hotel Logo
Perplex Complex, London
Saddlers Pub
Resolve- Reuniting troubled relationships
Paramount Hotel, Dublin
Clada Group
Public Relations
Wines Direct
The Noble Vine
Westwood House Hotel Logo
Green Products
Oceananics-Exploration Company
Clada Fruit Company
O'Connor & Co Solicitors
CNM Tree Logo

LOGO / BRANDING SAMPLES     Page 1    Page 2     Page 3     Page 4     Page 5    Page 6

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