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Graphic Design & Advertising

The following links on this page will take you to the different sections that have samples of some of our work.

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The following pages are examples of some print advertisments. Many would be part of the branding process created by Graphic HQ for clients. Advertisment design should be eye catching and memorable, but must also get a message across to the customer whatever that might be. An advertisment is more than a whacky picture and some text, it is an important investment, and it is often your first contact with potential customers.
The following are only a sample of our work, if you wish to know more or see the printed samples please contact us.
Fruit ad
Galway Water Advert
Full PAge Irish Times
Inishbofin Advert
Wine Advert
Classic Tiles advert
Classic Sales ad
People of the World
Kennys bookshop
Dulong Advert
Extrem,e advert
Satchels Advert
RC Cola Advert
Satchels Colour Advert
Galway Shopping Centre Christmas Advert

ADVERTISMENT SAMPLES    Page 1      Page 2     Page 3    Page 4     Page 5

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